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Chicken and sweet potato stew
Chicken and sweet potato stew
Lígia Santos
Ingredients For 4 servings
0.5 dl of olive oil
2 Onions
4 Cloves of garlic
6 Chicen thighs
2 Peeled tomatoes
1 Leek
8 Asparagus
2 Brown Mushrooms
2 Mushrooms Paris
4 sweet potatoes
1 Cougette
2 Carrots
1 dl Rosé wine
Sea salt q.s.
Dry oregano q.s.
Parsley and fresh oregano q.s.
Preparation (4 pax)
Cover the bottom of the Startwist pressure cooker with olive oil and add the onion and the garlic slices.
Then add the peeled and chopped tomatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes cut into thick slices.
Add the chicken thighs and add the laminated leek.
Refresh with wine and season to taste.
Add the asparagus cut in half and the mushrooms also cut in half.
Add the laminated courgette.
Cover the cooker and close it.
Put it on the stove and as soon as it gets under pressure let it cook for 20 minutes.
Silampos products used in this recipe