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  • Where can I find SILAMPOS replacement accessories or products?
    For information regarding sales points where you can find SILAMPOS replacement accessories or products, please contact the consumer support service by e-mail or the following telephone number: +351 256 850 400.
  • Does your SILAMPOS product have a manufacturing defect?
    Our products are carefully manufactured with the necessary dedication required by high-end products, and are subject to a thorough control during the entire manufacturing process. However, in case any manufacturing defect is identified, the customer must visit the point of sale where the product was bought, and present the complaint. If the product presents any manufacturing defect, it will be sent to our Sales Support Service, which will carry out the repair or replacement of the product.
  • What does it mean Plus Disc Impact thermal bottom?
    IMPACT DISC PLUS is the result of a conception and development process concerning a versatile thermal bottom with excellent properties of: storage and heat conduction, durability and resistance to corrosion. IMPACT DISC PLUS is a more versatile thermal bottom, since it was created aiming an efficient performance in induction heating, gas, electricity and glass-ceramic. This thermal bottom is applied by an impact which can surpass 2 500 tons in bigger pieces. Impact bonding eliminates the deterioration risk of the thermal bottom by normal wear and tear, increasing the piece’s durability. It avoids the accumulation of residues between the piece and the bottom, and increases the resistance to corrosion.
  • On which heat sources can Silampos stainless steel cookware be used on?
    Since 2000, all Silampos stainless steel tableware is compatible with every heat sources (gas, electricity, radiant energy, glass-ceramic, induction heating).
    Compatibility symbols are engraved on the bottom of all pieces:

    To verify if the cookware is compatible with induction heating, you can also place a magnet on the bottom of the piece. If it holds it, the piece can be used in induction heating.
  • How can I remove stains in stainless steel pieces?


    White dots on the bottom

    It may happen if you add salt prior to the water boiling. The salt is not dissolved and descends directly, remaining on the bottom of the piece, resulting in white dots. We advise you to add the salt only when the water is boiling.

    Burnt food
    Add some water and ammoniac cleanser and leave it for a few minutes. Wash the piece as usual.

    Calcareous stains (whitish stains)

    Add some vinegar and water and heat the piece for a few minutes. Allow it to cool, and wash as usual.

    Food stains
    Add some soda and water, and heat the piece for a few minutes. Allow it to cool, and wash it.

    Excessive heat stains (coloured stains)

    Clean the piece with a 1:10 nitric acid solution or choose electroplating metal brighteners.

    SILAMPOS cleaning product is recommended and effective in removing stains and residues, restoring all the brightness of the cookware.

  • Can I use a stainless steel scouring pad on Silampos cookware?
    We recommend the use of stainless steel scouring pad if the piece presents food/grease residues or is immensely stained (in case of overheating, for example). It will thus enable a thorough cleaning and passivation of stainless steel. We advise you to always rub polishing-wise.
  • I cannot remove the lid from the pan/pot.
    When a piece cools with the lid on, without removing the heat and grease, a vacuum is created. To remove the lid, reheat the piece.
  • Did the food get stuck to the bottom?
    This problem is related to the handling method of the heat source. We advise you to always heat the piece gradually - i.e. to regulate the heat source in the minimum heat intensity and progressively increasing it, without surpassing the intensity medium level. It is not necessary to use the maximum heat intensity, since our stainless steel pieces have a thermal bottom with excellent storage properties, so as to save time and energy. If you follow these steps, the heat will be distributed in a much more even way, and the ingredients will be able to release their own fat, thus avoiding the food to get "stuck”. It is important to remember that the flame must not surpass the piece’s diameter, so as to avoid that the lateral handles get hot and the food to stick to the bottom.
  • Which are the benefits of cooking in steam?

    When food is cooked in the traditional way (directly in water), most part of its nutrients and vitamins are dissolved and lost in water. When cooking in steam, they are preserved and subsequently absorbed by our body. It is an excellent way to guard and protect ourselves against certain diseases, and to maintain a healthy body.

    Furthermore, cooking in steam reduces the possibility of food (such as fish) to crumble during the cooking process.

    Deciding for this cooking method makes increasingly more sense for those who want to have a healthy and balanced diet.

  • Instructions manual: advices on use and maintenance

    We advise you to read carefully our instruction manuals before using our products for the first time. You will find advises for a safe usage and maintenance, aiming the long conservation of your pieces.

    For any other question or additional information about our products, please contact our Consumer Support Service by e-mail or the following telephone number: +351 256 850 400.

  • My pan has reached the end of its useful life. What should I do?
    Do not throw your Silampos cookware in the rubbish when it is no longer of any use. Take it to an ecocentre or to our manufacturing plant (Silampos, S.A. – Rua das Cortinhas, 301 Apartado 2004 3701-906 Cesar). You will thereby be helping to preserve the environment by ensuring the appropriate recycling of the materials used to manufacture our cookware.
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