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    To be the solution and choice as far as homeware in general is concerned, in particular for table and kitchen, be it industrial or residential, leading the domestic market and being a reference in the international market.
    To design, develop, produce and trade kitchen, table and homeware and creating value for customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and communities with whom the company interacts, and contributing in general for a better environment and quality of life. To support and encourage initiatives aiming the sustained industry development.

    To support and encourage initiatives that aim at the sustainable development of the activity itself and the industrial sector of which it is a part of, contributing to the improvement of the environment and the quality of life in general.

    The activity of Silampos reflects its main values: 

    - Integrity and honesty

    - Professionalism and accuracy

    - Cooperation and partnership

    - Innovation and continuous improvement

    - Quality and specialty

    - Tradition and culture

    - Sustainability (social and environmental responsibility).

    Silampos is aware of the pillars of sustainable development that do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own capacities, so that they are active in pursuing economic growth, promoting social responsibility and protecting the environment. Thus, Silampos undertakes to:

    A. Satisfy your customers, assuming that this intent is key to achieving your own success.
    B. To satisfy shareholders and other funders by ensuring the competitive remuneration of invested capital and make cost-benefit analysis / environmental impact a fundamental management principle so that financial means are not a limiting factor for the company's development and integration of environmental values ​​in making relevant company decisions.
    C. To contribute to the development of the region where it is inserted, assuming its social and sustainability responsibilities before the community, through social investment actions and philanthropic.
    D. Contribute to the protection of the environment by promoting the sustainable use of natural resources (water and energy), circular economy, prevention of pollution on soil, water resources and the atmosphere. These principles are embodied in the development of the EcoCook concept.
    E. Continue a practice of respecting the legal framework applicable to the company in any field.
    F. Promoting responsible employability based on respect for human rights and the development of ethically responsible working conditions. As well as developing the skills of its employees, training them, sensitizing them and making available all the information and resources for the pursuit of socially, environmentally and energetically responsible practices, assuming the relevance of their contribution to global, environmental and energy performance of the company, promoting its professional and cultural progression.
    G. To invest in the innovation and development of new products, promoting their eco-efficiency, taking into account the various stages of their life cycle, surpassing the expectations of our customers and contributing to the definition of market trends.
    H. Foster procurement and partnership practices as an instrument for improving efficiency and establishing fair relations with business partners.
    I. Commit to excellence by systematically and continuously improving the performance of the Quality & Environment Management system through the implementation of a Continuous Improvement program, incorporating quality, environment and energy performance indicators guided by management objectives , with a view to its continuous improvement.

    Silampos, January 12, 2018